Project Description

Bomb Cart | 2 Axles – 45 ft. – 10 Tons

2 Axles 10 Tons 45 Feet Terminal Port Container Semi Trailer

Fast delivery and 12 Month Warranty. This bomb cart is designed for transporting ISO containers 1×20′, 2×20′, 1×40′, or 1×45′. This vehicle is used to easily transport containers at terminals and ports. Features: mechanical suspension and reliable braking system.

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Equipment Specs

Year 2019
Length 14,100 mm (13,750 mm container platform)
Width 2,780 mm (2,500 mm container platform)
Height 1,820 mm
(1,500 mm container platform)
(1,180 mm 5th wheel coupling)
Front Fitting Radius 1,545 mm
Max 5th wheel load 29.9 Tons
Tare Weight 7.2 Tons
Axle 2 x 16T
Rear Overhang 2,530 mm
Wheel Base 1,310 mm
Loading Capacity 70 Tons
Suspension Mechanical Suspension
Rim 8 pieces | 8.0 – 20
Tire 8 pieces | 11R20
Spring Leaf Width: 100 mm
Thickness: 16 mm
Layer: 10 mm
King Pin 2.0 or 3.5 inch bolts type or welding type
Support Keg 25 Ton FUWA | Double Speed
Main Beam Height: 500 mm
Upper plate thickness: 16 mm
Middle plate thickness: 10 mm
Down plate thickness: 18mm
The floor: 3mm
(Material is Q235 carbon steel)
Brake Chamber Includes emergency brake and parking brake.

Dual line, air brake, piggyback spring on all axles.
Six units of T30/30 chamber
Two units of reliable local brand 40L air tank

Electrical System 24V 7-pin ISO 1185 socket
2 sets of reliable, local brand standard rear light, turn light, rear reflector, side light, and side reflector.
1 set of 6-core standard Cable
Tool Box One piece, 1.m×0.5m×0.5m (Size can be chosen freely)
Equipped with 1 unit tyre spanner, 1 unit gudgeon sleeve and 1 unit cranking bar.

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